Project Description

Drywood Termites

The Drywood termite refers to a group of termites that live within and feed on wood, as opposed to subterranean termites which have their colonies in the ground. Drywood termites can be identified by looking at the wings of the Alates. Alates are the reproductive stage, also known as Swarmers. They have two pair of hairless wings with one or more dark veins on the leading edge of each wing. The bodies are medium brown in color and just under a half-inch long, including wings. The Swarmers fly from dusk until dawn and are attracted to lights. This behavior is usually noted between April and late July. Drywood termite colonies usually produce (kick-out holes) on the wood surface to expel tiny fecal pellets “Frass” that look like fine grains of sand or coffee beans. Frass or Droppings, found in piles or scattered around, is a clear indication of a possible active Drywood termite colony.