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Pest & Insect Control

Pest & Insect Control

Five Star Termite & Pest Control is committed to offer Our clients with quality service and affordable pricing. Our pest control service rates are determined by the size of your property regardless of the location. Our pest control plan include pest such as, roaches, ants, spiders, centipedes, and more!

Apartment and condos

Our pest control plans for apartment and condos are affordable and offer you maximum pest protection. Rates starting at $45.00 per service.


Residential services include regular pest control visit, with treatments for the exterior and the entire of the property.  Our inspectors are trained to complete a full inspection and recommend a service plan that cover all customer’s needs.

Mosquito Control

Natural Mosquito Prevention

Mosquito Fogging Service

Our mosquito fogging services are designed for large residential and commercial properties that experience heavy mosquito activity.

Tick and Flea Treatments

Protect your house from unwanted visitor and sign up for out pest control service, you can add on Tick and Flea preventative treatments to your service for as low as $ 19.99 per service.

Move Out & Move in Pest Control Service

Call us to schedule your move out or move in pest control service. If you need documentation or service receipt, we will gladly provide you one. If your landlord, or property manager requires flea and tick treatment, or bed bug inspection, please let us know in advance.

Mosquito Fogging

Termite Control & Prevention

Termite Control & Prevention

Hawaii is considered a high risk area for termite damage and activity.  According to the University of Hawaii, “Hawaii’s year-round warm weather has allowed many introduced insect pests to take hold, and the seven species of termite found here are among these immigrants. The most destructive termites are the Formosan Subterranean Termite and the West Indian Drywood termite, both of which arrived during the past 100 years and are now common throughout the state of Hawaii. They cause more than $100 million damage per year to structures.”

Source “Household and Structural Pests Feb. 1999 HSP-1”

Termite Inspection

Call us to schedule a Termite inspection. Our inspectors are trained to find termites, or conducive conditions that might lead to termite infestations.

Drywood Termite Spot Treatment

Drywood termite spot treatment are a good way to keep up with termite activity especial in apartments, and properties that can’t be fumigated. Spot treatments are a safe and affordable alternative to tent fumigation.

Furniture Treatments

Tent fumigation service is the most effective way to control Dry-wood termites. Tent Fumigation offer 100% Dry-wood termite kill results. This process requires the home to be vacant during the fumigation and hours after removing the tarps.

Ultimate Termite and Pest (UTP) Control Protection Plan

Our UTP plan is a combination of regular termite inspection, treatment, and quarterly pest control service. Under this plan, our customers pay basic monthly service fee and receive all termite inspection, treatments, and pest control services with no additional charges.

Service Features:

  • Unlimited Drywood Termite Inspections and Treatments.
  • Quarterly Pest Control Service
(Service Included pests: Roaches, Ants, Silverfish, Spiders, Wasps, Centipedes, and Millipedes)
  • Affordable monthly service charge
  • Eligible to Upgrade to 100 % Natural Pest Control Service (Planet Earth Pest Control)

Service Benefits:

  • Peace of mind and worry free.
  • No additional costs to the home owner for covered pests.
  • Customer’s home is protected.
  • Safe for families and pets.
Ground Pre-Treatment — Meet Sentricon®

Sentricon® is considered number one brand in Subterranean Termite protection and prevention.  The Sentricon® system starts actively protecting a home as soon as it is installed.  The system begins working once termites feed on the bait found within the stations.  This Subterranean Termite system is widely used around the world to prevent Subterranean termites from infesting structures and eliminating termite colonies.

How quickly termites find an in-ground Sentricon station depends on the termite pressure in your area — but if termites are present, they will find the stations.  Unlike liquid Termiticide treatments, Sentricon eliminates the entire colony.  Colony elimination is the most effective way to protect your property.  If active termite feeding is visible, Our Certified Sentricon Specialist will install specialized above-ground stations to initiate immediate feeding. The faster worker termites get to the bait used by the Sentricon system, the faster their colony will be eliminated.

Above-Ground Pre-Treatment

Learn all about Drywood Termite Fumigation in this video.

Preconstruction Drywood Termite Prevention

Using wood for construction has many benefits, In Hawaii however termites are a certain nightmare. Termite consider all dead wood food including the studs in your home. Out preconstruction wood termite proofing treatments are recommended for all new homes especially if the wood that going to be used is not treated, or treated and needs to be cut. By simply cutting treated wood you allow termites an entry that has no residue from the previous treatment. Our treatments are recommended after wood installation and before wall building, or drywall installation. We only use natural materials for this treatments.

Fly Lights Installation

Our fly light installation service targets a large number of flies including termites, fruit flies, gnats, and More. Whether it’s a back yard, restaurant, or a large commercial loading duck, we have the right equipment for it. Maintenance plans are also available.

Preconstruction Treatments

Pre-treatments for ground/subterranean termites available. Call for availability.

What kind of termites do you have?

Bird Control

Bird Control

Pigeons and other invasive birds can damage your property and make nests inside it. We at Five Star Termite & Pest Control are a licensed installer for Bird Be Gone and have many creative tools and services to solve your bird issues.

Bird Nest Removal and Sanitizing

This service includes bird nesting removal, bird mite treatment, and bird sanitation.

Bird Odor Control

This service is recommended when dead birds or other dead animal odors are detected in attics or other accessible areas.  This service includes sanitizing and deodorizing.

This includes sealing of the entry points so birds can’t come back and re-nest in your property.

Bird Netting Installation:

Our Bird nets are heavy duty polyethylene bird nets used to humanely block birds from entering unwanted areas. This solution is the most efficient and effective method for excluding all bird species. The netting creates a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing or nesting. Recommended for pigeons and other medium size birds in large open areas, such as balconies, or food courts.

Bird Spikes Installation:

The installation of Bird Spikes keeps birds from landing and roosting in unwanted areas on your property or business.  Bird spikes are an effective, humane and affordable bird control solution that will not harm birds. Birds are unable to land on the bird spikes forcing them to leave the area. Recommended against large birds like pigeons.  Bird spikes are available in different styles and colors.

Bird Vents Installation:

Soffit vent covers are extremely effective against a large number of small birds, and rodents. Covers are available in many colors, shapes, and design.

Preventative Bird Repellant Installation:

This service may include the installation of humane bird repellant, systems, gel or spraying.  This service is part of our Planet Earth Pest Control Service, which is 100% natural and humane.

Other Solutions and Services
  • Bird Fogging
  • Bird Trapping
  • Bird Wires installation
  • Bird Power Wash Cleaning and Sanitizing

Note: all trapped animals are treated gently and transferred to the Humane society of Hawaii.

Bird Exclusion Installation

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control

Five Star Termite & Pest Control also can protect your property from invasive wildlife such as mongoose, chickens, cats, and more!

Mongoose Trapping

Humane mongoose trapping services are available, Call for more information.

Roosters Trapping

Humane Wild Roosters and chicken trapping and removal services available. Please call for more information

Feral Cats Humane Trapping

Feral Cat Humane trapping services, are conducted in residential and commercial property. Please call for more information.

Wild Hog Repellent Service

Our Monthly Wild Hog Replant service is designed for small, medium and large properties that experience feeding Wild hongs on their property. Our Planet Earth natural wild animals repellent service is all natural, and nontoxic to the environment or the animals.

Feral Cat Repellent Service

Our Monthly planet Earth all natural and organic natural feral cat repellent service, is recommended for home hones or business that experience feral cat activity. This service is nontoxic and doesn’t involve animal trapping.

Wild Life Barriers installation

Our Wild life fencing barriers are designed to protect your property from wild animals, and blocking access to your yard, or plants. This solution offers our customers 24-hour protection from large size animals.

Wildlife Barrier Installation

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Five Star Termite & Pest Control also can protect your property from invasive wildlife such as mongoose, chickens, cats, and more!

Rodent Control & Preventative Solutions

A single pair of Rodents can produce up to 15,000 offspring in the span of a year.  Traditional rodent control techniques rely heavily on poison.  Poison alone does not deliver significant results over time, and comes with secondary poisoning incidents.  Fertility control however, is based on natural products that keep rats reproducing more rats. It is far more effective and delivers outstanding long-term rodent population control.

Meet ContraPest:

Effective rodent proofing programs rely on the experience of the inspectors and technicians. They should be able to trace all rodent activity, find the source, and accurately identify all entry points that allow the rodent access into the property.

Program features:
  • We only use materials that are rodent proof, and have been tested in the field with successful results.
  • Our rodent and exclusion services are complete programs that ensure rodent elimination and prevention.
  • Rodent proofing and exclusion programs are designed for residential and commercial properties.

Attic Rodent activity in Hawaii has been continually on the rise.  A single female Rodent can produce between 5-10 litters annually. Each litter consists of 5-6 young that are able to reproduce at approximately 30 days of age.  Attics are the perfect places for rodents to make home, with easy access to shelter, food, and water.  These perfect conditions also keep them safe from any predators. Rodent can multiply rapidly, and within weeks, the customers will start to hear noises in the attic.

Program features:
  • Out attic-intensive live trapping programs are designed to deliver a fast reduction of the rodent population.
  • Attic rodent proofing and exclusion to seal all possible entry points and make your attic rodent proof.
  • Attic cleaning and sanitizing services are also available. This service is designed to eliminate all the rodent droppings, urine, and odors through sanitation.
Planet Earth Rodent Control
$129 Monthly Service
  • Free Rodent Bait Box Installation
  • Full Rodent inspection
  • Rodent Boxes Maintenance
  • Interior Trapping Included
  • Planet Earth Pest Control Service (100% natural botanical pesticide)
Pest Control +
$145 Bi-Monthly Service
  • Free Rodent Bait Box Installation
  • Full Rodent inspection
  • Rodent Boxes Maintenance
  • General Pest Control Service
Rodent Control
$75 Bimonthly Service
  • Full Rodent inspection
  • Rodent Boxes Maintenance
Rodent Control +
$135 Bimonthly Service
  • Free Rodent Bait Box Installation
  • Full Rodent inspection
  • Rodent Boxes Maintenance
  • Interior Trapping Included

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers both chemical and heat treatments to battle your bed bug problems.

Hawaii’s only bed bug heat chamber treatment provider!

At Five Star Termite & Pest Control LLC, we like to take a different approach to address bed bug problems.  Traditional chemical treatments are becoming less effective due to bed bugs developing resistances to these common chemical treatments.  Our heat treatment chambers are mobile and can fit in a room that is 8 x 10 feet in size. The chambers are designed to contain and concentrate the heat in the chamber to eliminate bed bugs and eggs effectively. The process is controlled via Bluetooth heat monitors inside the chamber that allows us to know and control the exact interior temperature. Bed bugs and their eggs all die in temperatures higher than 120 degrees.  The hot air also doesn’t have any negative impacts on furniture.

In addition to our heat chamber, Five Star Termite & Pest Control LLC uses other heat treatment equipment such as steamers and concentrated head guns for areas that are hard to access.

Program Features: Heat Chamber
  • Free inspection and bed bug identification.
  • Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatments.
  • Bed Bug Treatment Warranty.
  • Safe, Convenient, Hassle Free.

The Heat chamber bed bug treatment is far more superior than in any other chemical base treatment.

A full adult bed bug is approximately the size of a small fruit seed such as apple or grape.  Their skin is brown, and normally reddish after a blood meal.  They have six legs and two antennae.  Bed bugs do not have wings nor can they jump, but they can crawl rather quickly.  Adults can often live from a range of 6 to 24 months and they have been observed to be able to live for over a year without a blood meal.  The adult female may lay 200-500 eggs in her lifespan, assuming she survives long enough.  Bed bug mating involves a behavior called traumatic insemination. Bed Bug adult females lay their eggs in secluded places, depositing 1, 2 or more eggs per day, and hundreds during their lifetime. Bed bugs may resemble ticks, small cockroaches, carpet beetles, or other small crawling insects.  At room temperatures, bed bug eggs hatch in about a week. Newly emerged nymphs are light straw-colored and no bigger than a pinhead.

Bed Bug Training Seminars

This service is designed for schools, hospitality facilities, and other organizations that might need Bed Beg Identification, and prevention trainings for their staff.

Bed Bug Preventive Treatments

This services focuses on proper preparations and preventive treatments for Hospitality facilities, government facilities, detention centers and more. This program is tailor made to each customer needs and facilities requirements.

Electronic Equipment Bed Bug Treatments

This service is intended for bed bug elimination and control for customers such as movie crews, or Tv stations equipment. Dues to the nature of the job, and the constant travelling, bed bug treatments are recommended to avoid infestations, and loss of expensive equipment.

  • Free inspection and bed bug identification
  • Certified and experienced technicians
  • Service Warranty
  • Affordable Pricing

Termite Inspection Report

Termite Inspection Report

Our 24 Hour TIR® enables customers to get their Termite Inspection Reports or TIR/WDIR Reports 24 Hours from the time of inspection. This program is perfect for any realtor or person refinancing that needs their report in timely manner.

Our realtor customers are invited to create a 24 hour TIR account by calling out office number. You can receive your reports 24 hours after the inspection. This is by far the fastest and most efficient way to receive the report. Our goal is to save our customers time and cost.

When you sign up for an account you become eligible for discounts across the Five Star Termite Line of services.

  • Move Out / In Pest Control Services
  • Move Out / In Pest Fleas and Tick Treatments
  • Move Out / In Sanitizing and Disinfection Services
  • Termite Damage Related Repairs
  • Fumigation Quotes and inspection
  • Commercial Property Pest Control Rates
  • Commercial Rates on all other Services
  • Power Washing and Pest Cleaning Services

Attic & Crawl Space

Attic & Crawl Space

Attic and crawl spaces are an important part of a home that often go neglected. Mostly used as storage, which accumulate overtime, can become inaccessible or harbor rodents, birds, or other animals. This can impact the ventilation in the attic that may lead to bad odors, mold and mildew. Our Attic and Crawl Space services range from Attic rodent control, to cleaning and organizing.

Five Star termite and Pest Control Attic Services are focus on riding your attic from unwanted pests, and odors. Attics and Crawl Space pitch must be 4 ft. or more for service.

Rodent Intensive Trapping

Rodent intensive programs, are designed to deliver a quick knockoff of rodent populations in attics or crawl space.  This service is recommended for customers that have attic or crawl space rodent infestations.  If a customer hears noises in the attic, there is a very good change that rodent might be visiting or living in the attic, especially if the noises are heard at night.  Please call us for more information

Rodent Dropping and Urine Cleaning and Sanitizing

Getting rid of the rodents is a good start, however rodent dropping and urine, or even dead rodents leave bad odors in homes. Out teams are trained to vacuum, clean, sanitize, and deodorize the attics to insure that your attic is ready to be used again. This service leaves the attic germs, and debris free.

Attic Rubbish or Heavy Items Removal and organization

Our teams are ready to land our customers a hand in cleaning heavy objects, or rubbish from the attic or crawl space. We happy to organize items that you want to keep.

Roof Pipes Covers and Caps installation

Most roof pipes in Hawaii don’t have proper caps. This lead to entry from rodents, geckos, and other unwelcomed pests. Installing roof pipe caps and protective mesh, is the perfect solution to eliminate this problem. Our team have a long experience tackling this particular issue in the islands, mainly caused by long palm trees which rodents use to access the roofs.

Attic Entry Points Exclusion

An attic or crawl space are the main gates for medium or larger pests to residential homes. Our inspectors are trained to identify these entry points and recommend the most suitable and cost effective solutions. The exclusion team will complete each task, only using the proper pest proof materials, and products. Each attic or crawl space is different with one or more entry points. Our teams have seeing all types of entry points and are prepared to seal them against pests, once for all.

Rodent / Mongoose Intensive Trapping

Crawl space Rodent or Mongoose Intensive Trapping is a humane catch and release process, designed to relocate rodents or Mongoose from your crawl space. Part of our Planet Earth Pest Control Program

Crawl Space Entry Points Exclusion

The crawl space is one of the main gates for medium or larger pests to residential homes. Our inspectors are trained to identify these entry points and recommend the most suitable and cost effective solutions. The exclusion team will complete each task, only using the proper pest proof materials, and products. Each crawl space is different with one or more entry points. Our teams have seeing all types of entry points and are prepared to seal them against pests, once for all.

Our Crawl Space or Home Sanitizing and Disinfecting Service

This service is designed to eliminate bad odors, molds, and viruses from the exterior of your home. Out products are all EPA approved, and meet all regulatory requirements for disinfecting and sanitizing. Application such as spraying or fogging are available. Interior treatments are also available. Call to acquire.

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Disinfecting available with appointment only.

Hospital Grade disinfection solutions available with appointment only.

Other Services

Other Services

Whether its pest control, cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfection. Our programs are affordable and effective.

Monthly Cold Fogging Program

The monthly Cold Fogging Services are recommended for senior home living, hospitality facilities, tour busses, and other small operations of customer service industries. Our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection solutions, are designed to give your property a fresh start. We are not only focused on getting rid of all pests, but also bad odors, bacteria, viruses, and more. This services are recommended for small size business.

Weekly Cold Fogging Program

The weekly Cold Fogging Services are recommended for senior home living, hospitality facilities, tour busses, and other medium to large operations of customer service industries. Our cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection solutions, are designed to give your property a fresh start and keep your business moving . Our programs are tailor made to our customers’ needs and schedules. Our weekly cold fogging programs tackle pests, bad odors, bacteria, viruses, and more.

General Pest and Disinfection Cold Fogging

Our General Pest and Disinfection service offers a quick, and effective results. This service is intended for Residential homes, nursing homes, hospitality, transportation, and customer service industries. All our disinfecting products are EPA approved for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting all types of properties.

General Pest and Disinfection Thermal Fogging

Whether its mosquitos, other outdoor pests or contaminated surfaces. Our fogging service is very quick and effective when dealing with commercial facilities, farms, streets, and government properties. Service available for uses with pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants and other fogging operations.

Dryer Vent Installation
Door sweep Installation
Garage Door Bottom Weather Seal Removal and Installation

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